How To Make A Lot Of Money From Mail Orders Starting From Scratch

How To Make A Lot Of Money From Mail Orders Starting From Scratch – In this article we will tell you in detail how foreign stars can become famous in China, and how to make a lot of money from it.

Being famous is a dream of many people. Fame, fortune, and recognition can lead many people to pursue specific careers, such as singers, actors/actresses, influencers, producers, athletes, and more.

How To Make A Lot Of Money From Mail Orders Starting From Scratch

Yes, many stars have made millions by accident. Even billions for some of them. But if your goal is to be better than yourself and grow your audience, your income, your reputation… you should try Asia. And especially in China.

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I mean, there’s a lot of people out there, they’re very connected, and it’s a huge market for companies and support.

So, if celebrities can make millions in Europe or America, imagine consolidating the Chinese market and deploying their talents on a larger scale. It will be:

You may have millions of followers on Instagram, you may be a famous model or a pop star, but they don’t count in China.

Because they use a different communication system than we do, they can never hear you. No Google, no Facebook, no Instagram, no YouTube… all the media that helps you become famous in your country is not available here.

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American model Karlie Kloss has more than 8 million followers on Instagram, but less than 400,000 on Little Red Book (also known as XiaoHongShu), a very popular platform with over 100 million followers. There are registered users.

In contrast, Hong Kong actress and Dior ambassador Angelabi has more than 14.4 million followers on Little Red Book, but close to 8 million on Instagram.

If you think that your fame abroad will make you famous in China, it won’t work. If you’re not well-known in the local market, you’ll need to build genuine connections with locals first. But if you do, you can truly earn the title of international superstar.

Kim Kardashian West aims to create a new segment for her new perfume “KKW” in China. Also, he tried it on XiaoHongShu, opened an account in English, and despite his 135 million followers on Instagram, he failed to reach more than 171,000 followers on the Chinese platform… Similarly, he opened Weibo. Distribution of accounts and information in English, but once again does not work. He can’t do anything…

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However, he realized that the problem was not the market, but the lack of recognition and positioning in this new market. Also, a popular reality TV star and entrepreneur broadcast live with China’s Key Opinion Leader (COL): Via Huang. As a result, this time they managed to gather more than 13 million viewers and sell their perfume collection.

Via Huang is a KOL who is able to sell $50 million worth of products in one day. He represents 9 million followers on the Chinese e-commerce platform Taobao and is therefore considered a major influencer.

If you are unknown in the market, work on your reputation or use another local KOL to increase fame and sales.

Also, you may be lazy, arrogant, or unrepresented by your vendors, but remember that in China they speak Chinese, not English. So publishing content in English won’t do you any good.

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Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are popular social media users who use social media platforms to generate buzz or viral content while building a large following. They usually build personal relationships with fans and provide tips, reviews, tips or advice on lifestyle, brand, travel or product topics.

If Kim Kardashian can make $1 million in an hour with a Chinese KOL, I’m sure you can too. You just need the right approach.

We go back to the problem, they may not know you. So, of course, if you do not know the country, you can not be endorsed by the brand. Also, consider that trust drives the Chinese business world.

There are a lot of scams out there. Fake people, fake companies and fake products. And if they don’t want to spend time or money, they need to be sure who they’re dealing with.

How To Make A Lot Of Money

If you want to work in China one day, make sure they check you out. From end users to your future partners. They try to find out if you are a real expert in your domain, if you are really famous abroad, what is your story, if Chinese people know you, or if there are reviews about you online. , etc. You should create your website and create some content about yourself.

Weibo is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Perhaps the most popular Chinese social network. Tools to help you reach a wild audience and interact with Chinese people. Weibo is the perfect tool for KOLs, allowing greater visibility for their users. Chinese people are very interesting. Therefore, it is a great way for you to increase your fan base and spread your influence in China. If they like you, word of mouth will do the trick for you.

Realize that there is a lot of competition to succeed in China. And many are trying to become the next KOL superstar. And if you want to do that, you need to brand yourself and get the best possible reputation. And to improve your reputation, it goes through Chinese social networks.

Very popular in China, it’s a staple here. A messenger app that gives you the ability to share content like text/video/images/music/etc with your “friends”. This is good for you because the main job of a KOL is to share content on various topics. WeChat also has a group discussion feature that allows Chinese people to talk about their problems and how to solve them, as well as discuss new trends, who to follow, what products to buy, etc. . As a KOL, you can use it to engage. Communicate with your followers and community.

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If you want to be popular as a KOL, you have to use it! Video sharing app. Young people like it. With it, you can create video content and distribute it to a large audience (potentially reaching millions of people). If you play it smart, you’ll connect with thousands of people and make a splash! Happy and intuitive, Chinese love to interact with KOLs. And the company likes to develop KOL strategy in this app. Best for you.

For example, a young Chinese woman recently created a buzz when she shared a PPT on Douyin. A simple PPT… resulted in sales of over 1 million RMB in one day.

Baidu is China’s Google. Netizens are always looking for information about them. Also, as mentioned earlier, the Chinese must trust you. And whether it’s the end user or a company that might hire you, they’ll check you out before they do anything.

If you have a strong reputation in China, you will be successful and ready to earn millions. And if you follow the procedure and become a star abroad, it should be fast. The Chinese are very connected and many large multinational companies come from this country.

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What do you want to achieve? Want to be a local star? Or will you become a real international star?

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