Using An Ad Tracker Is Important For Affiliate Marketers


Using An Ad Tracker Is Important For Affiliate Marketers – I hope you do well with MyLead affiliate programs and earn a lot of money. We recently started a series of educational articles and today we’re continuing with another lesson.

Today you will learn everything you need to know about tracking. I will teach you how to set up a tracking server, and we will also talk about installing and configuring it. I will be using a self service tracker because I feel more secure when the information I collect is on my own server.

Using An Ad Tracker Is Important For Affiliate Marketers

A tracker is a software tool that tracks and manages data about your campaigns. This is an essential part of the media buyer’s toolbar.

Cross Device Partnership Tracking Software

Some of you probably already know how a tracker works and how to use it, but there are a lot of new publishers out there who need more info, so head over here.

In many cases, users do not understand what exactly S2S postback is, so we have prepared a brief explanation. This is the signal sent from the advertiser’s servers via the tracking server (self-service or cloud, it doesn’t matter) to the traffic source servers, notifying you of the conversion. The tracker acts as a “bridge” between the traffic source and your affiliate network. S2S postback is a method that works independently of the user’s browser.

Another important term is the macro tag. Marcos, also known as tracking codes, are a type of HTTP protocol in URLs that allows you to track everything from click IDs to the type of device a user is using. You can add a macro token to your URL and you can track this kind of information instantly. To fully understand macros, you must first understand parameters and values. A taxonomy or dimension parameter is one that you want to track, such as a regular job or a core resource. Then it is defined by the value that follows it. The location macro stores the value, but is quickly changed to show the actual value of the parameter. Note that all traffic sources have different tracking beacons that you can use! We will discuss this issue further.

I will explain how to use Kitaro tracker – it is a very reliable, fast, convenient and accessible tracker. It’s also quite affordable – only $20 for the basic version and $40 for the pro version, so go ahead and give it a try.

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What do you need to set up Kitaro Tracker? VPS with CentOS (this is a Linux distro), Keitaro license required and about half an hour of time. this.

In the previous article we explained how to use DO, so now I’m going to take my previous project and create a droplet applet from it:

To configure Kitaro, select CentOS – make sure it is selected and select the latest 64-bit v8.

If your volume is less than 10,000 clicks per day (which is probably the case if you’re just starting out), set your tracker on a cheap VPS – 2GB/1 Intel Core. If you expect your daily traffic to be between 10,000 and 100,000 clicks, choose a VPS with 4 GB and 2 mounts. I also recommend choosing a drop with an NVMe SSD as shown below:

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The target of my campaign is Europe so I will be placing my virtual server in Frankfurt, Germany, but you can choose any other available location close to the selected GEO. If you’re running campaigns in Asia, for example, pick a drop point in Singapore:

Then change the hostname, add the appropriate flags, and decide whether or not to use backups (I recommend because you’ll be spending money on and protecting your data):

If you are on Windows, you can use a program called PuTTY. If you are using Linux or macOS, you can connect to the server through Terminal with the following command:

It takes about 3-5 minutes and the time depends on the number of updates and the type of VPS you have. After the update is complete, restart the server using the restart command.

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You will immediately be prompted for a Keitaro License (find it in the Keitaro Dashboard under “Licenses”), so put it in the terminal.

The installation process will start and take a while, so you can relax and enjoy a hot or cold beverage while you wait.

If you can see the dashboard after pressing the “Login” button, everything works fine now:

Once you are in the Users settings, go to the Edit button next to the administrator and a new window will appear:

Postback Url Tracking In Affiliate Marketing

If you want to do this, you can change your password, username, timezone (it’s usually best to run your campaigns in your current timezone – this is to avoid confusion with multiple campaigns) and save your changes

Now let’s connect your domain to the tracker and Cloudflare (Cloudfare is not a necessity but a useful solution) because it is impossible to run a campaign on just one IP address.

In the previous article we explained how to connect a domain from Namecheap to Cloudflare and in this article I will show you the shorter version. If you encounter any problems, please read again.

First, buy one or two domains – one connected to your Keitaro admin panel (eg and one for your campaigns with a name related to the industry you’re promoting (eg

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Like I said, I use Namecheap to register the domain and all the screenshots you see below are from it.

Well, you have your domains. Let’s use the first one for the Kitaro dashboard and connect it to Cloudflare.

I’m going to use a domain that I already use, so it’s already connected to Cloudflare. Now I just need to delete the previous records and add the ‘A’ record along with the corresponding DNS record:

For a domain name, enter ‘@’ and for IPv4, your server’s IP address and click Save. Once done, you will get new name servers – go back to your domain registrar and replace the default name servers with the ones you have from Cloudflare (we also covered this in a previous article).

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Go back to Cloudflare settings, click on the “SSL/TLS” tab and switch to “flexible” mode for SSL/TLS encryption:

Wait 15 minutes (sometimes it can take a little longer) and try to access the Keitaro admin panel that is already connected to your domain. Enter the domain name as follows:

If you’re asked for a username and password and there’s a small padlock next to your domain name, that’s okay.

Enter the tracker and let’s continue. If there are updates, be sure to use them and update your software to the latest version:

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Click on the “Robots” tab and check “Yes” in each box as shown in the image below:

If you have a bot database, add it to Additional Bot IP Addresses and click the Add button.

When done, go to the “Main” tab and enable the campaign autosave mode (believe me, it can really save your life):

Now let’s add the domain that will be your first campaign with Kitaro (you can also use a default one, but in my experience it’s better to use a different domain).

Refersion: Affiliate Marketing

Enter your domain name, enable “redirect to HTTPS” (if you don’t use a Cloudflare SSL certificate, or both) and disable indexing (this prevents search engine crawlers from crawling your landing pages). Click the “Create” button.

There is usually a time when nameservers are redirected and your domain is associated with a tracker. Just wait an hour and check again.

Then you can create your first campaign and start earning money with MyLead offers. The topic of the next article is how to launch a campaign with the knowledge you already have.

As I promised at the beginning of the article, I want to explain the values ​​and parameters in detail before I finish! Let’s look at the following example:

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The domain name is displayed in blue. The green part is the Kitaro alias which is automatically assigned to my campaign (but can be changed). The query string starts after the red question mark after the surname. Parameter names are shown in yellow and property values ​​in purple. & characters are used to separate query strings.

When clicked and forwarded, the query string is part of the URL that sends information from one server to another.

Each offer has a way to send your click ID to the query string – in Kitaro’s URL you place the token at a specific location in each offer’s URL. This is the “location” in the query string parameter. This is the yellow part of the URL (eg cost, create_id).

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