Normal Developmental Milestones

Normal Developmental Milestones – Developmental milestone charts and speech and language alerts. Pediatric, infant and child development stages by age. Great for USMLE, NCLEX, and Nursing! Includes a quiz at the end!

We will focus on communication and language milestones in this lecture, including verbal and non-verbal communication, speaking, listening and understanding.

Normal Developmental Milestones

Also, be sure to check out the strategies for reminding kids of gross motor development milestones in the previous post.

Your Child’s Developmental Milestones

Like all EZmed lectures, each milestone comes with a simple reminder/strategy to help you learn and remember the stages of language development.

There is also an EZmed chart below that includes strategies for remembering each milestone by age.

You will learn speech and language milestones at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years and 4 years.

If you are a medical, nursing, or healthcare student, this chart is a great checklist and resource for the USMLE, NCLEX, or other medical exams.

Baby First Year Growth Milestones

Pediatric Milestone Chart: Developmental Milestones by Age of Speech and Language; 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years, 4 years.

The baby begins to recognize familiar voices and may remain silent or smile when talked to.

They smile and laugh as a way to communicate happiness, and cry and fuss as a way to communicate when they are upset.

*As you go through each milestone, remember that these are average times and some milestones may happen sooner or later.

Month Old Baby: Milestones And Development

3 Month Developmental Milestones for Speech and Language: Recognizes different needs/feelings like moaning, smiling, familiar sounds, screaming/sounds.

This is because children repeatedly try to form consonants that contain “b, d, g, m, p and t”.

By 3 months, apart from laughing, crying and fussing, baby’s vocalizations and main ways of expressing happiness and sadness are different.

Their eyes move in the direction of the sound, they pay attention to the music, and they react to changes in your voice.

Month Old Baby Developmental Milestones

6 Month Speech & Language Milestones: Whisper, laugh more, shout, use your voice to express emotions, hear/recognize sounds more.

Eventually, the baby begins to recognize his or her name, and the hum increases as longer sounds begin to be strung together.

9 Month Speech and Language Development Milestones: Imitates speech/non-speech sounds, imitates actions/gestures, looks at objects while speaking, knows its name, rolls over and more.

As we approach 12 months, we can use the baby’s age to remind us of milestones again.

Development Milestones For Your 5 Year Old Child

This may be in addition to “momma” and “dada” and their vocabulary may be larger depending on the child.

Remember that in the bubble stage they can say “mama” and “dada” without much meaning, although at 12 months they will begin to understand the meaning of the words.

Additionally, they begin to understand simple phrases, instructions, requests, and commands such as “come here.” and “Don’t touch.”

The child begins to understand simple questions and respond without words by nodding or perhaps shaking the head when asked to pick up an object.

Milestones In Child Development According To Molnar

Ultimately, they understand and know the names and words for common objects, such as ball, shoe, cup, juice, dog, etc.

The understanding stage is a process and not all of the above will happen in exactly 12 months.

Instead, the child begins to develop the above speech and language skills at 12 months and continues to develop these skills throughout the second year of life.

Pediatric Speech and Language Milestones at 12 Months: Vocabulary of 1-2 words, recognizing words for common objects, understanding simple requests, instructions, commands and questions.

Child Developmental Assessment

At or around 18 months, a child may experience a “word boom”, where their vocabulary increases to 50 words by age 2.

For example, they recognize and point to familiar objects and people in pictures, point to pictures in a book when the reader names them, and point to familiar body parts (eyes, ears) when asked. , nose, etc.).

The child’s ability to understand and follow simple commands like “toy down” improves. Or “drop the ball”.

18 Months Developmental Milestones for Speech and Language: Vocabulary of 10-20 words, repeating words heard, following simple commands/questions, pointing to familiar objects and body parts when asked.

Learn The Signs. Act Early.”

As we move into Year 2, we can use 2 to remind us of the “2 word sentence” milestone.

At age 2, the child begins to follow 2-step instructions, such as “Pick up your toy and give it to mom.”

2-year-old Speech and Language Development Milestones: Uses 2-word sentences, follows 2-step directions, has a vocabulary of 50 words or more, uses words/gestures when acting , makes animal sounds.

Just like we used “2 word phrases” to remember the 2 year milestone, we can now use “3 word phrases” to remember the 3 year milestone.

Development Milestones References

They begin to understand spatial concepts such as “inside”, “on” or “under”, as well as different colors and time concepts.

3-Year-Old Milestones for Speech and Language: Uses 3-word sentences, has a vocabulary of 200 words or more, speaks clearly, and understands spatial concepts, pronouns, and plurals.

The child begins to use sentences of four or more words and can use four or more sentences at a time when talking about their day or telling a story.

They have a deeper understanding of more abstract concepts, understanding and asking questions like “how” and “why.”

Normal Fine And Gross Motor Skills

Additionally, the child begins to express his or her thoughts and feelings, rather than talking about the world around him.

Parents and caregivers can understand most (if not all) of what the child says, and strangers can usually understand the child without difficulty.

4-Year-Old Pediatric Milestones for Speech and Language: Uses 4 or more word phrases, uses 4 sentences to tell a story, understands “how” and “what” questions, communicates ideas/ Expresses emotions, recognizes colors, groups objects.

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Month Old’s Milestones Charts And Development Tips

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Week Old Baby: Milestones & Development

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The Development Of Handwriting Skills In Children

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Development Milestones For Your 6 Year Old Child

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