1 Year Developmental Milestones

1 Year Developmental Milestones – Your baby’s amazing first year is full of important milestones for your baby and more exciting than the last year. During the first year, it seems like your baby goes from a toddler overnight to a full-fledged toddler within a few months. It’s important to know the signs of your child’s development, but always remember that not all children are the same.

Some people reach certain milestones sooner than others, and some people skip certain milestones all together (for example, skipping the crawling stage and getting back on their feet). Developmental milestones are just a guideline, but if you feel your child is significantly behind, be sure to talk to your doctor.

1 Year Developmental Milestones

Still, it’s so nice to know when your baby reaches certain milestones (have your camera ready, of course). So we’ve created some simple monthly charts to help you keep track of all your baby’s important milestones.

Cdc Developmental Milestones

When children reach this age, most parents focus on only one thing. That’s walking. While some babies walk on their own by their first birthday, the reality is that most babies don’t. Babies begin walking between the ages of 9 and 18 months, depending on their temperament and personality. A tolerant child may walk more carefully, while an impulsive child tends to run toward it.

There’s so much to celebrate during your baby’s first year: first words, first teeth, first steps, and the list of baby milestones is endless. Although it may be tempting to compare your child’s developmental milestones to those of other children around him, child development is unique to each child, and many children reach developmental milestones at different ages. Please remember that. Instead, celebrate your baby’s milestones with love and pride (and lots of pictures)!