Here Are Some Reasons Why Using Camtasia Improves Affiliate Checking

Here Are Some Reasons Why Using Camtasia Improves Affiliate Checking – If you make video tutorials, look for all-in-one video editing tools. Screen-scratching software, easy to use and with a robust built-in effects library.

Finding the best software for your needs can be quite difficult. In the area of ​​training videos, we tested a number of topics and settled on a few that covered all our bases.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Using Camtasia Improves Affiliate Checking

At Water Bear Learning, we use Camtasia to create almost all of our software’s videos. We’ve found it to be the most effective screen recording tool – desktop, tablet and smartphone. Camtasia is our software tool for creating videos for retail POS systems, mobile apps and ERP software courses.

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Camtasia by Techsmith is a video editing and scripting program. Designed with beginners in mind, Camtasia enables designers to create professional training videos quickly and efficiently. It is available for Windows and MacOS.

At the time of writing, Techsmith offers a free 30-day trial to test the software. However, please note that the exported files will contain a watermark. To use the full version of Camtasia, you must purchase the software. In 2020, Camtasia can be purchased at a single price of $249.00.

Now that we know the basics, let’s get to the overview. Is Camtasia Expensive? Here are the pros and cons of using Camtasia to make training videos:

If you have little experience with video editing, Camtasia is a great place to start. The visual effects buttons are large and the labeling is clear. Effects can be applied by simply dragging and dropping. Timeline includes an automatic backup feature that makes editing clean and simple.

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Although not as powerful as professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia covers about 70% of your training video needs.

+ Amazing screen recording features: We tested every screen recording system on the market. Decision? Camtasia beats the competition with excellent screen capture.

The resolution is not only high quality but also easy to use. When the program opens, a screenshot icon will be added to the top toolbar. This means you can simply select an icon and start recording your screen with a few clicks.

+ Stunning cursor effects: Overall, Camtasia’s effects are minimal. But the powder effects are out of this world and wonderful. These cursor effects offer automatic effects that can spice up your video editing.

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One of the best properties of powder is ‘powder smoothing’. Drag and drop this effect into your clip and it magically removes mouse movements, making all mouse movements smooth. You can edit and link various clips, and (in most cases) the program will neatly combine them so that the mouse does not “jump” to different parts of the screen.

+ Interactive Features: How-to videos often lack the user interaction necessary for learning. Camtasia can add quizzes directly to your video. At the beginning, end or throughout the video. Although you need to remember the export settings for the quizzes to be useful (only useful for embedding in eLearning modules). But Camtasia is ahead of the curve by providing this feature that combines video learning with fast interaction. For future learning, quizzes embedded in videos are highly visible. Camtasia is the best tool to start practicing now.

+ Good library of assets: If you’re short on time and want to find assets right away, Camtasia has a lot to offer. This includes icons, intro patterns, animated backgrounds, music tracks and more.

Although most of the resources are not customizable, they provide a starting point for creating training videos.

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+ Mobile version: If you want to record your smartphone or tablet screens, Techsmith has a free app for iOS and Android. The app connects to the desktop version of Camtasia and allows you to share files on your computer.

+ Excellent customer service: Techsmith has a solid and excellent customer support team. If you have any problems, they are quick to respond and very helpful in solving the problem. We had problems with teardowns and exports and their team was immediately helpful.

+ Low cost: Some people find Camtasia expensive. Compared to other video editing and eLearning development tools, we believe Camtasia is well worth the price. Adobe and Articulate 360 ​​are paid monthly or annually, making them more expensive in comparison. Whatever you get, Camtasia works!

– Constant crashes and bugs: Compared to other programs, there are more crashes and bugs with Camtasia. Our videos are edited using the latest iMac computers available and have very few glitches on other computers. For some reason, Camtasia moves in waves. Some versions are great. It seems that there are other speakers and the program continues to fall apart.

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Of course, the Camtasia team has been quick to release updates for new releases. The auto-save feature also works well and ensures you never lose your work. But there is something to consider when deciding whether Camtasia is suitable for making your training videos.

+ Minimal installation: Camtasia is designed for beginners, which means that the software is not designed for detailed installation. Information, transactions, behaviors – even if they work for basic needs, they cannot be adapted for specific purposes.

For most people or companies making training videos, embedded products will work. Note that if you want to customize your effects, you’re better off using a more powerful video editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro.

– No Mainframe Objects: Moving and animating objects in Camtasia is a complex task. This is because Camtasia does not have the ability to host.

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There are tricks for moving objects on the screen. But they often seem flat and difficult to manage. If you’re making videos that require mastering, we recommend moving your files into Premiere Pro.

+ Bad keyboard commands: Adobe recognized keyboard commands. technology? Does not matter. Many commands are missing, although they have limited keyboard capabilities.

We’d like to see keyboard controls for things like trimming clips, changing clip speed, and zooming the timeline. For now, Camtasia limits keyboard commands to basics like recording, copying, and playing video.

+ Export issues: This didn’t happen in all cases, but some users had problems encoding and exporting Camtasia videos. When migrating .mov or .mp4 files from Camtasia to Premiere Pro, some exported files show an error saying “the file was encoded in an unsupported format”. System stability (export issues and constant crashes) is a real pain point for Camtasia that we hope it can fix.

Out Of The Box With Camtasia

Overall, we think Camtasia by Techsmith is a tool worth having in your video editing toolbox. Although not as popular as other video editing software, Camtasia is a great place for beginners to step into the world of video editing. Even for seasoned professionals, Camtasia’s screen recording feature is the best on the market for creating videos on a computer.

If your job is to make screen capture videos, Camtasia is the best software available right now. Try their free trial and see what you think!

Andrew DeBell is a Learning Experience Strategist and Content Developer on the Consumer Intelligence team at Atlassian. For more, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: TechSmith provided me with a single user license key for Camtasia so I could post videos to the community.

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I’ve been using Camtasia for a while now when recording videos. I think my first Camtasia production video was: Build a UCMA Application and Application Endpoint in December 2012, almost 10 years ago!

I’ve tried other video production software in the past, most recently with DaVinci. However, I keep coming back to Camtasia for my videos for a few reasons:

Camtasia 2021 has just been released, so if recording more videos is on your 2021 “to do” list, now might be a good time to start. Also: if you think Camtasia is for screen recording, you really need to check it out!

This version comes with some interesting new features. I haven’t listed them all, but here are my favorites:

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Of course, if you want a more comprehensive overview of Camtasia 2021’s new features from someone who has actually explored this new version, check out Christian’s post: What’s New in Camtasia 2021: All New Features, Works and Improvements: Graphics: Web Design, Graphics, Logos.

I’m excited to try out some of these new features. I’m planning to do another video on my 411 for May so I’ll have a chance to use it for that.

If you want to start making videos (and it’s not as hard as you think!) or

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