Increase Your Profits With Product Recommendations


Increase Your Profits With Product Recommendations – Here are some inspiring examples of product recommendations to improve your online store performance and email marketing strategy.

Personalized product recommendations are an essential part of any e-commerce strategy. They help customers find products that match their interests and reduce barriers to purchase, but not only that.

Increase Your Profits With Product Recommendations

In fact, when used effectively, product recommendations can completely transform interactions with your customers, creating a smooth and consistent experience, more conversions, a higher average cart, and overall impact on your brand. More confidence.

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Check out 40 examples of product recommendations that you can use in your online store and email marketing.

Why home page? While not always the first point of contact for buyers, the homepage is still an important landing page for new visitors who aren’t familiar with your brand (and also a place where you can learn more about them as you interact with the site). . This download experience is critical to gaining attention and should be tailored to different buyers, channels and website entry points.

Evaluating new visitors is obviously more difficult because you haven’t yet collected behavioral data about them. In this case, product recommendation is the best practice to highlight products with high conversion rates (best sellers).

To welcome new visitors, Le Tanneur’s home page uses the group logic of “Best Sellers” to attract and guide them to learn more about the brand and its popular products. Here’s an example of their “Gifts of Beautiful Leather” offering:

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Bearhawk offers product recommendations on the homepage that include customer reviews to drive interest through social proof;

LeSportSac offers best sellers as “Fan Favorites” on its homepage, a strategy that increases conversions by 2.4x.

It states that Dstack Support on Mode shares information about which products are most relevant to shoppers based on their interactions on the site, as well as which products are selling best. In fact, buyers are very sensitive to peer influence. Items that others buy are desirable and recommendations that show interest in other visitors also increase conversions and click-through rates. They also display a “-%” percent off tag above their sale items.

Why product pages? Visitors to a product page are always looking for a product to buy. During your visit, offer them relevant options and additional products that will satisfy their interest. These are called upselling and cross-selling respectively.

Product Recommendation Examples That Transform The Ecommerce Experience

The Atkin & Thyme store encourages customers to “complete their look” with vibrant product packages. These batches of products allowed their average basket to increase by 6.5%.

A smart way to grab a buyer’s attention with page product offers is to display a “FOMO” (fear of missing out) sign that indicates that items will sell out soon.

Cynthia Rowley will feature “recently seen” suggestions bringing previously viewed items to the attention of shoppers;

Online electrical wholesaler Business Depot sells many products that work as part of larger systems. Instead of focusing on similar products, they offer their customers recommendations for related products that they are likely to buy anyway;

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Add 2 product recommendation tiles on product pages to improve the experience. In this example, products that are commonly purchased are currently viewed products that are displayed above the user’s previously viewed products.

Page Image Banners User-generated content may animate the banner, as shown here on the Gymshark product page;

SkateHut AB tests similar but different ads for scooters on its product pages, depending on what the buyer is looking for to augment the average shopping cart;

Sports editors and their traders know that some limits should always be perfectly combined. Combining the ‘Training Top’ and ‘Tights’ ranges, they ensure that key stocks are always found;

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Expecting what your customer is looking for is cookie-cutter personal shopping. The ideal search page includes smart offers, products that other customers have viewed and purchased to drive the customer journey. The fun part. Smart suggestions are also grammar experts and can detect incorrect search terms and show articles matching that term instead. For maximum usability, search suggestions should be displayed at the top so that customers can easily find what they are looking for.

Puravida displays recommendations at the top of the search page and also integrates product reviews to generate more interest;

Stockholm-based streetwear boutique Calerots’ search engine features related products. For example, a store search using the word “Mike” shows skateboards made in collaboration with Kodak Mike Carroll and Kodak Micmo.

A behavioral recommendation factor under effective search results shows that users who searched for “Mike” saw “Nike” sneakers;

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Award-winning UK retailer designer children’s clothing search pages feature heavily on the Armani site. A search for “Armani” takes the buyer to the brand’s page with related options to narrow down the selection;

Why a category page? Category pages are the main search engine for an online store. They store all relevant products and display them on a dedicated page, allowing the buyer to narrow down to a specific sub-category what they are looking for.

Colizzy features the best sellers of the moment in the men’s trend section of their e-commerce site. Then, for a visitor who visits and spends time on a product page in this category, in the example below, a PSG shirt, we automatically personalize a block of recommendations for similar products and previously viewed products. Recommendations will also be displayed. . , based on the visitor’s browsing history.

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Festival Fashion uses a combination of relevant browsing history and best sellers with a “current category” filter;

You can choose from more than 2000 products in the Lehenga Choli category. However, by using the “Best Seller” product recommendation with the “Current Category” filter, we can limit the number of products to the six most popular products;

Sephora uses product recommendations on category pages to highlight best-selling and top-rated products;

New Zealand fashion house Augustine has a high-end category of bottoms, such as skirts, shorts, pants, etc., and a similar selection of browsing history offers (best seller offers if the buyer is a new visitor). :

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Why a shopping cart page? This page is ideal for upselling, meaning offering additional products for customers to purchase. Add product recommendations to this page to remind your customers which products they have viewed. Interesting fact. 25% of customers who click on these recommendations actually order the product. (Be sure to check their cart items first).

Free shipping incentives are also an effective way to promote product recommendations. If you offer free shipping for a certain amount, help customers reach that minimum price by offering to add items to their cart. It improves your customer service.

One way to drive additional purchases is by displaying “don’t forget” offers at the end of the trip, creating an opportunity for last-minute sales.

Personalized suggestions are added to the Woodhouse Clothing shopping cart page to remind customers of products that pique their interest but have not yet been added to the cart. This increased brand conversions by 44%.

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The Bearhawk team conducted an A/B test to measure the relationship between suggestions on the shopping cart page and actual customer behavior.

Sarah Raven shows how visitors can naturally continue their shopping journey after adding something to their cart through recommendations.

Suggestions on LeSportsac’s shopping cart page include support and special tags.

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