How To Avoid Suspension Of Adsense Account


How To Avoid Suspension Of Adsense Account – How to save AdSense account: Google AdSense is an online monetization platform associated with Google. This way you can make money from home. You need a website or YouTube channel for this earning process. Recently it has been seen that some Adsense accounts are permanently or temporarily blocked for a few days (30 days / 6 months).

In this post, I will discuss the reasons for suspending or deactivating your Google AdSense account. If you follow certain restrictions, you can save your Google Adsense account from deactivation/suspension for life. How do you protect your AdSense account from suspension or deactivation?

How To Avoid Suspension Of Adsense Account

The main reason 70 to 80% of AdSense accounts are disabled is because of wrong clicks. We create this challenge by clicking on our website or YouTube channel ads. Some people click on these ads by accident or others click on purpose. advertise and click ads created by other friends.

How To Deal With Invalid Traffic On Google Adsense

Another important reason for Google Adsense account suspension is click bombing or click fraud. Your competitors and enemies do this on purpose on your YouTube channel or website to disrupt your monetization.

If you have multiple Adsense accounts with the same name and address, all of your Adsense accounts can be closed at any time; b Because it is against Google AdSense policy.

Copying articles, posts and images from other websites and placing them on your website is against Google AdSense policy. If the original website owner takes a “FILE COUNTER” action against your site, your AdSense account will be suspended immediately. Because this workflow is against the AdSense community guidelines.

Your AdSense account may be suspended if there is bad content (sexual content | adult nudity content | harmful-dangerous content | hacking content | gambling | drug-related content | munitions content | terrorism) in your article on your website or other Then your site may go to the blacklist; Because you are violating the AdSense Community Guidelines.

Why My Adsense Is Suspended For No Reason Since 14 Days Ago?

If you buy traffic from someone for your website or send traffic to your website through a third party website/traffic sharing site, your AdSense account may be suspended; Because this process is against AdSense Landing Page Quality Rules.

Google Adsense does not support all languages. Adsense is supported in only 45 languages ​​in the world. In India only Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu these 5 languages ​​are available on Google Adsense.

If your email language does not match the “Google Adsense Support Language”, your AdSense account may be suspended. Do you have an AdSense account? Clicked on your AdSense ad by mistake? Keep calm and don’t get upset.

There may be cases when we click our Adsense ads by mistake or for fun and then we realize that we made a mistake. If it’s only a click or two away, don’t worry. Although Google requires publishers to report any accidental clicks or invalid activity in their accounts, they occasionally fail to account for accidental clicks.

My Adsense Account Is Temporary Suspended 30 Days

Their system already checks for any invalid clicks or actions in your AdSense account and will likely remove those clicks from your total at the end of the month/pay period. So don’t worry if these clicks show up in your AdSense earnings.

. I recommend and ask you to think about long-term income, not short-term. There is no doubt that Google Adsense is the best revenue generating program and they are proactive in ensuring the rules and policies of your ad traffic.

Bottom Line: If you or anyone else notices or feels click fraud, please report it to Adsense first.

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