Why Do So Many Affiliates Fail


Why Do So Many Affiliates Fail – Affiliate marketing is said to be a low cost/easy online business that can earn you thousands of dollars. That’s true. It is possible. But if you ask

I came across a statistic on the Internet/affiliate marketing site WarriorForum that stated that 95% of affiliate marketers fail. Here we take a look at the top eight reasons most people think they fail and how you can change it.

Why Do So Many Affiliates Fail

Before I get into that, I thought what one answerer said in a WarriorForum post summed it up pretty well. He wrote:

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It amazes me how people are willing to spend years in a “regular” job, but spend weeks or months on internet marketing before they leave. If they apply online like they do in the real world, I think most people will be amazed at their success.

Because affiliate marketing is so easy to get into, many people do. It’s like getting free admission to go to the movies. Yes, if someone gives you a free ticket, you go – even if you don’t know what the movie is about or don’t like it.

I’m sure many will give it a name because affiliate marketing is so easy to get into. And then when they find out there’s a real job, they’re like, “No, I wouldn’t have done that if I’d known.”

Selling “work” isn’t sexy or easy or… profitable. Let’s face it, affiliate marketing is all about sales.

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So, I’m not going to tell you that if someone points you to a program or niche that you want to invest in, it might take you a month to make your first sale or a few blog posts. Traffic to your blog

No matter how easy someone tells you to make money with a program/course, accept that you always have to put in the effort.

Get this equation in your head and you’ll be ready to make money as an affiliate marketer.

A common trait among the most successful affiliate marketers is the ability to sustain and reverse early losses. If you’re a risk taker, you need to keep a 9-5 and a steady paycheck.

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There are many programs that teach you to do X and get predictable results. If you fall into any of these, you might want to stick with affiliate marketing. For example, My Site classified as an adware.

I’ve been promoting and advertising affiliate products on Backpage since 2008. Even though it is time consuming and not a good use of my time, I keep working.

Wow, I’ve submitted a lot of products through this method that never sold. I could have given up, but I kept digging until I found something that would move things forward.

Now, when I’m trying to increase my affiliate marketing income, I try new things, like buying one ad to grow my subscriber list. I bought from several sellers with very bad traffic and lost money. The traffic is great and I have bought from several growing subscribers.

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You have to risk something to get something – especially if you want to quit your job and earn enough to start affiliate marketing. Of course, you’ll get lucky and make a few hundred dollars without spending anything.

But ultimately, to start making good money, you’ll need to invest in affiliate marketing – as opposed to using free sites like Wix or WordPress or investing in tools, does your own website pay? like AWeber to start/grow/manage your email subscriber list.

Then you turn your “hobby” into a legitimate business – and affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate business.

In order to make real money in affiliate marketing – I’m talking more than a few hundred dollars a month, and almost anyone can be happy and do it – you need to spend time learning. Find out what? “You might be thinking. There are all kinds of things like:

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Unlike a 9-to-5 job, no one is paying you to “learn before you earn.” You have to be ambitious enough to have the front line to put your money down.

Outliers: Success Stories by author Malcolm Gladwell features world-class performers such as professional athletes, musicians, and more. is about 10,000 hours of training.

The corollary is that if you want to be the “best” at something, you need to put in 10,000 hours. However, this theory has been largely rejected. According to a new study..

In almost any field of human endeavor, people have enormous potential to increase their productivity when properly trained. If you spend a few hundred hours on something, you’ll see a lot of improvement…how much you improve is up to you.

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In short, the passion, focus, drive and enthusiasm you bring to a project can significantly reduce the time it takes to see it through to success. But make no mistake, you have to invest unpaid time to get measurable results.

Finally, one of the most frustrating aspects of running an online business is that the rules and technology around it change so quickly and so quickly, for example, how search engines find and rank sites; New plugins for the website; website security; commission program fees and guidelines; and others.

I belong to several affiliate marketing groups on Facebook and the questions I get asked every day show how much determination it takes to be successful.

Failure to do so may, for example, result in violation of the affiliate program terms; your site is broken; Or you’re missing out on search results because you’re not following what Google is doing.

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There is no set-it-and-forget-it formula for affiliate marketing. In order to be competitive and increase your income, you need to be aware of all the rules and technologies.

Tip: Affiliate marketing groups and social media groups (like Facebook) are a great way to do this. I am a self employed blogger earning over $100,000 per month.

I bought your course and it is a great bonus that has paid me many times over. If I have any questions or need more information about affiliate marketing, I know I can reach out and I know what challenges I can face.

I was so impressed with Michelle’s program that when I got serious about the affiliate marketing part of my business, I took a page from her book and started my own group for newborns.

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There are many affiliate marketing programs that will make you money. However, as we have discussed here, we need to get to work. If the program doesn’t work for you, you probably don’t. It’s something I want to come back to.”

Since there are so many unpaid jobs in affiliate marketing, you should choose one that you like, or at least most of it.

Instead of spending time researching and searching, ask yourself, “What do I like? What are my interests? Can I turn this into a profitable business? How do I do it? Niche? What affiliate programs would be profitable to advertise?”

You have more passion, drive and talent than you give yourself credit for. Dollar Donuts can become a successful place where at least one can make good money in affiliate marketing.

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However, you’ll never know if you never take the time to figure out which of your passions can turn into an income.

Phew, this is one of the things discussed in my Lesson II How to Create an Online Course e-learning course.

Use the formula I showed you in Lesson II of the aforementioned e-course to find out where your interest and income might intersect. This will increase your chances of success in affiliate marketing because it will reduce the chances of the following happening.

If I had one piece of advice for new affiliate marketers, it would be to stop investing in programs and start with one.

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If you follow tip #5,

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