Single Parent Support Groups

Single Parent Support Groups – Are you a single parent? YWCA Single Mothers’ Support Services provide you with individual or group support, connect you to resources, and empower you to move forward.

YWCA Family Workers provide information, referrals and one-on-one support to single mothers living in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, including:

Single Parent Support Groups

With other women who are single parents, you have access to the friendships, peer support, and community that are critical to shaping your happiness and success.

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Single mom support groups are free, easy, closed groups. We do not accept submissions and ask participants to commit to attending each session weekly. We welcome women of all ages and backgrounds who identify as single parents!

Our weekly group meetings are now offered online via Zoom or in person. All groups are accepting new participants on a waiting list or soon to join; Find your community below and join now.

Downtown Vancouver – YWCA “Baby and Me” program center for pregnant and first-time mothers/mothers under two

GoodLife Fitness Family Autism Center – Pacific Autism Family Network (for single mothers with children on the autism spectrum)

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Online group for single mothers living in the Fraser Valley: This group will remain on Zoom even when the regular group returns to in-person meetings.

Online Group for Ukrainian Refugee Mothers Single Parents in Canada (Living in Metro Vancouver) – New group support groups offer a great way to connect with other single parents who may be dealing with similar parenting challenges. Help is available online or in person, in smaller, more intimate groups or larger meetings. These single parent support groups allow you to connect, vent, and find solutions to problems you’re working through.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to connect with other single parents, an online group may be best for you. They are quickly accessible and usually open for chats throughout the day and evening, unlike private groups that are restricted to a specific time. Note that these groups are not always supervised by professionals.

This free support site has nearly 44,000 members and offers an online chat that anyone can join. All you have to do is click to join, enter your username and password and agree to the site’s terms. You can post a message about someone else’s topic or start a topic about the topic you want to discuss. The site is now aimed at women who are single parents and offers a site specifically for single fathers. Users range from divorced parents to widows. The site will automatically tag your post as single mom or dad, and you can add more tags to connect with others. Some common signs are loneliness, divorce and depression.

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To join Daily Shakti, click the Sign Up button and enter your personal details. You can choose how much you want to share and whether you want to keep your profile private. This site is open to both single mothers and fathers. Common topics include child custody, relationship issues, and the challenges of single parenthood. On this page you can reply to others or post your questions and thoughts about being a single parent. They also have a blog and resource section for general parenting and self-care.

Individual support groups are usually led by a professional counselor or therapist and are usually scheduled at the same time each week. In this way, a cohesive group is formed that gradually gets to know each other. These groups can be open, meaning anyone can join at any time, or closed, meaning once the group is created, no one else can join until a new session starts. Depending on the facilitator, the group may look more like an open forum or have a specific topic for each meeting.

Enter your zip code to find a group near you; The database will provide you with various local options. This program was created to assist single parents with parenting, recovery and overall health. They also offer video courses focusing on emotional intelligence, parenting and financial management. Groups are for both men and women and meet weekly for 90 to 120 minutes. Groups usually meet in a church or coffee shop.

Parents Without a Partner is an international non-profit organization that supports single mothers and fathers in the United States and Canada. To join, check out their local chapter and find the one closest to you. If it’s not available near you, you can request that it start in your area. Chapters are run by volunteer group members. The sessions range from support groups to guest speakers to educational programs led by professionals. Members also enjoy vacations, hikes, and dinners.

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Psychology Today lets you search for local support groups by entering your zip code, city, or group name. You’ll have a variety of options for groups led by professional counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers. Some groups require payment, while others offer free or discounted services. Using this site, you can find gender specific groups and groups that both men and women can join. Topics include divorce, parenting, conflict resolution skills, dating, money management, stress, and grieving the loss of your spouse.

Meet Up helps you connect with some of the largest single parent groups in the US, and you can search for groups near you using the catalog organized by your zip code or state. Among the many non-parenting options, you can find unique groups that support not only your emotional needs, but your social needs as well. If you are contacted by one of their groups, you can request to be included directly on the website.

The struggles and needs of single mothers can be very different from those of single fathers. Finding a single mother support group can help you meet your unique needs as a mother.

Run by a church ministry, this non-profit organization helps single mothers find support groups around the world. Enter your zip code to find a group near you; Various options will be generated for you. These groups focus on parenting, financial aid, and health and wellness. They offer resources and volunteer opportunities to help other single mothers.

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Women who choose to become single parents through adoption, donor pregnancy or accidental pregnancy from a partner who does not want to become a parent can join Single Mothers by Choice. When you join the group, you’ll find a list of other single moms near you, so you can contact them directly and even create your own support group. You also have access to 24/7 online support groups, a forum full of threads on a variety of topics. Full membership costs $55, but you can opt for a forum/newsletter membership for $35 per year that gives you access to online support groups and local support links.

Single fathers, just like single mothers, have many special needs. If you’re more comfortable talking to other men, a single dad support group may be your best bet. Whether you’re a divorced dad, a widower, or a single dad, there’s a support group for you.

Meetup offers a map of single dad support groups around the world to help you find other single dads in your area to connect with. From San Diego to Ann Arbor to the UK, single dad groups are meeting everywhere. To use Meetup, you need to create an account using your Google or Facebook account.

If you live near Seattle, Washington, the DADS program offers weekly support programs for all types of fathers, including single fathers. The groups are held in two different locations around the city, with different options for evening participation. Dads are encouraged to share the challenges they are currently facing and find resources on a variety of interesting topics.

Single Parent Support Circle

Single parents are busy and you don’t have time to go to a support group meeting. If this is the case for you, a single parent chat room gives you the support you need and the freedom to communicate at a time that suits you best.

Single Parents Bump has hundreds of threads about anything single parents might want to talk about. You can chat with other single parents about everything from being a voluntary single parent to the death of one of your child’s parents. Join an existing chat or start a new chat

If you search for BabyCenter’s chat rooms, you’ll find a forum specifically for single parents where you can connect with over 11,000 people. Whether you are about to become a single parent or already are, there is an online chat forum for you. You can limit your search to chats that contain recent activity or photos.

Gingerbread is a UK organization that provides resources for single parents. Online forums have a wide variety of content, so you can share your ideas with other single parents

The Single Parent Community Network