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How To Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money (2023)

While Facebook may no longer have the edge it once had as a social media darling, it still has an incredibly high number of monthly active users: more than 2.9 billion, down from Instagram’s 1.3 billion, TikTok’s 1 billion and Twitter’s 396 millions.

In the past, Facebook users have tried everything from affiliate marketing, to serving ads through Messenger, to selling items on Facebook Marketplace to make money. But monetizing Facebook isn’t without its challenges: Average reach for organic posts hovers around 5% of a Page’s followers, up from 7% in 2018, and those who pay to play through ads and sponsored content see their reach diminish over time .

Good news? Facebook is introducing exciting new ways to make money, mainly for entrepreneurs and creators who follow Facebook. Whether you’re looking to earn extra income or find more customers for your existing business, here are six ways to monetize your Facebook audience in 2022, along with the requirements you’ll need to meet. .

There are many ways to monetize your Facebook content, but you must first be qualified to do so. This means that your Facebook page and the content you post on it must meet the platform’s eligibility criteria, which fall into three categories:

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To check your eligibility, go to the Facebook section of Creator Studio and click on the Monetization tab. Select the page you want to consider for monetization eligibility. You will also receive additional information about monetization on this page.

Once you’re eligible to monetize your Facebook content, it’s important to stay eligible if you want to generate a steady income. Regularly review the platform’s community standards, keep your domain clean with high-quality content, and make sure you have the rights to publish your content. If your Page is ineligible for any reason, Facebook will notify you through the Monetization tab in Creator Studio and tell you why you are no longer eligible.

In-stream ads capture the attention of a fixed audience and are ideal for creators and brands with large audiences. When a user watches a Facebook video, they are more likely to watch the full ad if it means they can continue to watch the original content, as opposed to a stand-alone ad in their feed, which is more likely to go through.

Bottled water brand LIFEWTR wanted to increase brand awareness and create a positive, creative atmosphere around their products. So he set up short ads in the app that play in streaming videos and content like Facebook Watch, showcasing his collaborative art projects through a powerful visual story. The campaign doubled brand awareness and increased ad recall by 1.9.

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Reasons for Success: LIFEWTR uses in-app advertising to tell a story and capture the attention of an already captive audience.

Get started: think about what you want to achieve with your video and what stories you can tell about your brand. If you want to run an ad in the middle of the video, try adding a natural pause of 1-2 seconds when you create a video which can be good for an ad in the middle of the video.

In addition to meeting Facebook’s eligibility criteria, videos must be longer than one minute and influencers need at least 10,000 Page followers to run ads in the app. These tips are for brands looking to pay for in-stream ads.

Generate a steady monthly income through fan subscriptions, which encourage your most loyal followers to pay a flat fee to fund your page. For brands and creators with a large number of active followers, this is a great way to monetize their pages and reward fans with exclusive content and discounts. The “Stars” feature allows users to buy star packs, send tips to their favorite creators for extra income.

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Vegan Baker created a separate Facebook group for followers of the brand. Fans will pay $4.99 per month to access exclusive content and discounts. They can also submit more tips for content they particularly like through Facebook’s Stars feature.

Why it works: The Vegan Baker can monetize their engaged audience while rewarding users with exclusive content. Star features allow brands to see what types of content perform best and increase engagement in segments that connect closely with their followers.

Getting started: Fan membership is currently invite-only. When users have 10,000 subscribers or more than 250 repeat visitors, and 50,000 post interactions or 180,000 semi-minutes, they can unlock fan subscriptions.

When you receive an invitation, you can choose the benefits you want your subscribers to receive, create a promotional video to start your subscription, and take a thank you video to welcome new subscribers.

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Create content with relevant and complementary partners to amplify reach and diversify content production. Many brands want to partner with influencers, creators, and other businesses to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness, which can be a great way to grow your following and generate revenue. promise.

StyleNow Feed has partnered with Jasper’s Boutique to bring new content to subscribers of both brands. The paid partnership enables the two companies to collaborate on relevant content that meets the needs of their two audiences, with users clicking on each piece of content to learn more about each brand.

Why it worked: The two brands were very much aligned, with similar but not identical audiences, which meant they could unlock new subscriber segments by reaching users who already had a strong connection with the partner brand.

Getting started: Before you start tagging a business partner in your posts, you’ll need to request access. Once this is done, you can access the collaboration option and view the information in the Brand Collabs Manager.

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This type of monetization method is great for pages that have an active, loyal following and publish content that most brands wouldn’t consider risky.

Facebook recently announced that it would place more emphasis on organic video content created specifically for the platform in an effort to weed out users who only share TikTok posts. Creators and influencers will be able to unlock cash rewards of up to $4,000 per month by completing a series of consecutive “challenges,” such as generating a certain number of views on the Facebook Reel.

Paula Garcia has a huge following and by creating Reels just for Facebook, she can benefit from the views, likes and comments she gets. Paula actually combined several of the tactics used here to underpin her Facebook monetization strategy, such as getting sponsors for her reels and posting them organically on the platform.

Why it worked: Paula Garcia already had a large following, so it was easy for her to participate in Facebook’s new challenge program, which allows her to earn money from the views she generates.

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Getting started: The challenge feature is currently invite-only, and Facebook appears to be targeting influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. Once the invitation is accepted, the first challenge must be completed within 30 days or the feature will expire.

Attract subscribers with live events that they can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes. Facebook’s Paid Events feature lets you plan, set up, and host events from your Page, which is great for creators and businesses that offer personal events online.

Jasper’s Market organizes and announces a number of events through its Facebook business page. Fans can view event listings and purchase access directly from the brand page. Seeing how many people are interested or attending can create buzz at an event, while regular reminders ensure attendees don’t miss a moment.

Why it worked: By hosting events online, Jasper’s Market was able to reach new audiences interested in different types of events. It can also generate engagement among subscribers who may not be in one place.

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To get started: Enable Paid Online Events on your page, then click the Events tab to create a new event. Select the “Pay” option and fill in the necessary information about your event, price and co-organizer (if any).

Your Facebook account and Page must meet Facebook’s monetization eligibility criteria before you can start creating paid campaigns.

Take advantage of the platform’s social commerce capabilities to drive customers from your Facebook page to your store. For brands that already have a small presence on Facebook, this is a great way to reach scrolling customers with shoppable ads and a strong call-to-action (CTA). You can turn successful buyable posts into paid ads to generate more traffic and define new audiences you want to reach.

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