7 Ways To Write Articles And Explode Your Business


7 Ways To Write Articles And Explode Your Business – I got a C- in my college writing class. At one point this semester, I skipped ten of these classes in a row because I didn’t see the point of learning to write. When I told my high school teacher that I was going to teach writing to thousands of people online, she thought he was joking, so I spat out the wine.

I am writing because I am unemployed and I need to change my life. I am a lover of news, lover of ideas, but no one to talk to. My friends laugh at me when I talk about sensitive things.

7 Ways To Write Articles And Explode Your Business

In search of answers, I started writing online. At the time, I had no name and no ability to share my opinion, so I was stuck on the sidelines. envy motivation fear curiosity anger hope desperation happiness and experienced different emotions such as self-loathing. But every story gets better.

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For the first time in my life, I used the information I was digesting. My friends liked the ideas. As I typed, I realized that everything I wrote was a magnet to attract magical opportunities, like a $20,000 grant from Tyler Cowen’s Emergent Ventures program and a podcast interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Largest in the world. A famous scientist.

After five years, I can say blogging was one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. The 90 minutes I spend writing every morning is my most important practice and the driving force behind almost everything good that happens to me. For years I thought being successful and being yourself were opposites, but being an online writer has shown me that you can succeed by pushing them.

Writing gives me wings. This opens up the possibilities of Internet encryption. You can access the best in the human mind; Build your own for free and share your ideas with a global audience. The author’s path is the authors, It is not exclusive to journalists or your brother’s Facebook fanatics. Everyone can go.

My life is dedicated to helping people write online. At Writing Fire, I teach an effective system built for the 21st century. Our alumni base now includes some of the fastest growing online authors in the world (like Packy McCormick and Ana Lorena Fabrega). The key principles from the course are compiled in this guide.

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The online typing game offers regular typewriters. Frequency is the cost of entry, but quality writing is the driving force behind your success. If your ideas are right, you will have opportunities.

When you write, your ability, Gain insight into your unique online identity, your personality, which comes from experiences and interests. As a compass; It connects you with the right people. It will guide you to meaningful work and an independent life. At the end of this guide, You will find a roadmap for development.

Become known as the best thinker on a topic and expose yourself to the awkwardness that makes writing online special. Unlock your strengths; State your values ​​clearly; Start building your reputation online. Download the privacy policy guide.

I used to suffer from writer’s paralysis. When you’re away from the desk, you’ll be full of ideas. I spent all my time sitting at the computer and writing. I stared at my screen for hours only to be left with a blank page with nothing written on it. He is angry.

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Sit down and write. Get your cases. Save the best quotes you’ve read. Find ideas that resonate with you and write them down as notes.

Writing from Abundance is an art of gathering ideas, so you can’t write from scratch. It’s about living an inspired life. This campaign is social media; It can come from external sources such as news or books. dining table It can also come from an internal source, such as thinking about a meeting at work or taking a shower. If you get ideas while they’re at the forefront of your mind, you don’t have to pray for them to come back when it’s time to write.

When I learned how to write from Abundance, I saw how tradition lives on in many fields. The last time I saw them was when I visited my tailor shop and asked for help making a blazer. Instead of starting from scratch, I put a bunch of things on the table (silk, buttons, watches, etc.). Then he combines the possibilities and matches until the design emerges. Records are like natural resources. If you are stuck forever, You can pour them on a page and see what happens when your ideas collide.

Most people do not use the Internet for learning. They use it to follow pop culture and keep up with their friends. None of these strategies are effective enough to yield better strategies.

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Every good writer I know is careful about their diet. They know that quality writing starts with good taste in what you consume. Writing is like cooking. If you go to a Michelin Star restaurant and ask the chef, “What is the fastest way to improve the quality of your food?”, they will probably say “the best food.” At the end of the day, many dressings do not make fresh lettuce. A salad can only be as good as the fruits and vegetables in it. your experiences; Conversations and sources are the raw material of your writing.

It’s easy to get strange ideas when you read things that others don’t. Early in his career, Warren Buffett got some of his material by looking at the annual reports that everyone was reading and taking 10-K filings. David Epstein aims to read ten magazine articles every day while working on a book. Many of his best ideas came from reading papers that others didn’t like and compiling them for a public audience.

Beware of too much news. Yes, it’s good to study. But reading the news too much is the best way to let us know that the propaganda machine is selling us lies. Most of the news is not important. Clothing as information is entertainment. Although it is good to have a clear understanding of what is going on in society. You don’t have to immerse yourself in the news 24/7 – or what I call: Today Non- Protection.

Once I went to a comedy show with a group of friends. The location is across town, so I share a Chevy Suburban SUV. Everyone was on their phones since the driver blew up. From the back row, my friends watched me go through the ordeal on their social media. One thing stuck: Everyone in front of me was consuming content created in the last 24 hours.

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I give up on this effort. Probably, that’s all. Like a hamster running on wheels. We live in an endless cycle of ephemeral content consumption – a merry-go-round of faster and faster but nowhere. The Internet is a modern tool that takes us away from old wisdom. Although we’ve only clicked from the greatest writers of all time, from Plato to Tolstoy. We tend to look for new rather than timeless writers.

We are trapped in an endless current – blind to history, engulfed by the chaos of the present. Here’s the bottom line: Human wisdom should come before what’s happening on Twitter.

Short: Social media is best when it’s right for you, with people sharing what you really like and teaching you what to write. Don’t follow celebrities. Replace them with ones that make you smarter and bring you lasting happiness.

Medium format: Read less than articles. Subscribe to magazines and YouTube channels that publish endless ideas. Read powerful essays and speeches. Find tips you regularly enjoy and subscribe to their newsletters.

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Long-term: Get away from your screen and read more books. If it helps, start a book club. Find classic books to read. Watch old videos and listen to interview series. By scouring the internet for college syllabuses, you can read them at your own time.

Now that your incoming data is strong, you need a way to use it. It’s not enough to just grab eBooks and list them on your website (students refer to this as “Book Chugging”), you should save the best parts of what you read so you can easily review them.

Notes are so important to my writing process that writing without them is like a fire without wood. I’m proactive in writing down ideas so I don’t have to go back “deep” every time I get stuck. Instead of starting a new search

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