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What is GPU?

Most of the people don’t know about GPU, they keep on asking what is GPU ? The GPU is a parallel processing unit which stands for Graphical Processing unit or Graphic Processing Unit.

The GPU is a powerful graphics engine that has a highly parallel programmable processor featuring peak arithmetic. The only thing which makes them so special is their parallel computing properties.


The graphical processing units are first used in the 1970s. The future of computing is parallelism. In the future, there will be more efforts in parallel computing rather than increasing the size or single-thread performance.

Similarly, the highly parallel graphics processing is rapidly gaining maturity and fame as a powerful engine for computationally demanding applications.

A specialized electronic circuit that can perform complex arithmetical and mathematical computation within seconds.

Modern GPUs are very efficient at handling computer graphics and image processing. Their highly parallel structure makes them more efficient than general-purpose central processing units (CPUs).

what is gpu

Companies Manufacturing GPUs :

Most of the people are still unaware of GPUs and keep on asking question like what is GPU ? If you are fond of gaming then you might have heard about Nvidia or AMD/ATIIntel is also one of the popular ones. These two are the most popular companies manufacturing GPUs.

In 2009 IntelNvidia and AMD were the market share leaders,with 49.4%, 27.8%, 20.6% market share respectively.

Besides, some other companies like S3 Graphics and Matrox produce GPUs. Modern smartphones, the one you might have with high-quality graphics, also use mostly Adreno GPUs from Qualcomm.

PowerVR GPUs are produced by Imagination Technologies and Mali GPUs from ARM.

Types of GPUs|What is Gpu?:

Till now we have discussed a lot about graphic cards, like what makes them so special, the manufacturing companies, etc. Lets now discuss their types.

There are five types of graphics cards to be more specific. Lets discuss them.

Integrated or on board GPU:

Motherboard-based implementations are sometimes called “on-board”. So you can guess what integrated or onboard GPUs are. The GPUs that are integrated on the motherboard are called Integrated or onboard GPUs.

They are mainly used to enhance video quality. The main advantages of integrated graphics include:

  • cost
  • compactness
  • simplicity
  • low energy consumption

The performance disadvantage of integrated graphics arises. The graphics processor shares system resources with the CPU.

ISA cards:

ISA stands for Industry Standard Architecture bus (ISA bus) is a computer bus that allows additional expansion cards to be connected to a computer’s motherboard.

These bus types have seen better days in the world of PCs. However, with modern motherboards, these slots are not being used since the 21st century.

Some graphic cards used to use ISA. The main disadvantage was that slots were slow, pushing only a few megabytes of data per second.


PCI stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect. It uses PCI slots to connect to the motherboard. These slots are more superior to the ISA ones.

They provide fast transfer rates than ISA slots. They have a clock transfer rate of several hundreds of megabytes per sec.


AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. AGPs are more widely compatible than PCI and ISA.

AGPs have four-speed versions, 1X 2X 4X and 8X. The fastest is 8X but only if your system is compatible. They have high clock transfer rates of several thousands of megabytes per second.


PCI-E is the most developed technology of graphics cards until now.

Having several Gigabytes of clock transfer rate. Several PCI-E cards are combined to get a tremendous amount of quality and speed.

They use a PCI-E slot to connect to the motherboard. These cards come in four main configurations, PCI-E 1X, 4X, 8X and 16X. This means that these cards can provide acceleration up to 16X of the older ones.

What is CPU & What is GPU | Differences :

Stands for central processing
Stands for Graphical processing
not suitable for parallel processing.efficient in parallel processing.
Less speed.Very High speed.
Can do several processes in parallel.Can do Thousands of processes in parallel.
Not so efficient as compared to GPU.More efficient than CPU.
Several CoresMany cores.
High Memory consumption.Low memory consumption.

Uses of GPUs:

After the question what is gpu ? A new question arises, What are the uses of GPU? Let us now discuss some of the uses of GPUs :

Machine learning with GPU :

The Field of programming develops software that tells a machine how to learn and act in a particular situation. This helps a computer to do tasks without human intervention.

E.g google assistant, image processing and Tesla also use machine learning techniques.

Video editing:

Many advanced video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro uses GPU.

Advance animations, pixel-level manipulation and professional video editing on large files require lots of processing power. For enhancing and to increase the accelration GPUs are used.

Image processing:

It is a process in which image is an input . The output may be enhanced image or characteristics/features associated with that image.

Encoding and decoding of images or even simple task like normal editing or enhancing use GPU. Like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.


It means encoding data and sending it over a network and then decoding so that if anyone in the middle somehow gets the data won’t able to understand.

AES, DES are some examples of encryption requires lots of sequential operations.

Brute Force attack using GPU:

Brute force is a technique used to break a password. It finds all the possible combinations, that a length of a password has and then checks each one until it finds the right one.

Brute Force is a highly complex computation that can not be done without using GPUs.

Use of GPU in Crypto Mining Machines:

Mining machines also use the Graphical Processing Unit, attached in parallel with each other, doing complex mathematical computations in a short period of time.

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